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Hi Omniests!

Omnigion is a New Age Multi-theistic Religion founded in 2020 derived from the Greek root: Omni, meaning all or every; and from the suffix for religion: gion. It was founded by the Prophet Oracle IO to create lasting peace and unity throughout the Cosmos by placing a strong emphasis on acceptance, tolerance, and plurality. #Omnigion

About Omnigion:

Omnigion is a new age religion of earth that traces its roots to the philosophy of Omnism (Def. the philosophy that no one religion is the only source of truth but that truths can be found within all religions). Omnigion is a multi-theistic religion: Omniests believe in an OMNI-GOD: or the Prime or Universal Creator, and many Major and Minor Gods or Deities. According to Omnigion, there may perhaps be other Major or Minor Gods out in the Greater Cosmos that exist unknown to us and to our human spiritual hierarchy. Omnigion is unique in that it accepts, respects, and tolerates all of the theistic beliefs of mankind and of all ETI beings in an effort to create lasting peace and unity throughout the Cosmos. Please review our core beliefs for more detailed information.