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Mono-theism v. Multi-theism

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There will always be natural tension between the two religious ideologies of: Mono-theism, and Multi-theism. Is there only one God with qualities and attributes that cannot change, or are there many Gods with various moods, qualities, and attributes that are unique to each divine being. Is Jesus an angry and jealous god like his father Yaweh is described as being? Or contrastingly, does he accept, respect, and tolerate other ancient gods who are equally as famous, powerful, and as divine, comparatively speaking, as he is? Moreover, no one really knows what the relationship is like between Jesus, and other gods of antiquity such as RA (the Egyptian God of the Sun), Zues (the Greek God of Olympus), Buddha (the Far-eastern and ancient religious and philosophical teacher), and Krishna (the 8th Avatar of Vishnu, the Hindu Preserver of the Universe) to name only a few. Most Jews, Christians, and Muslims today in the 21st Century unfortunately believe that all of the ancient Gods and Goddesses are either (1) False Gods, or (2) Demons and Fallen Angels, or ( 3 ) Fake, Imaginary, or Mythological Beings. We Omniests on the contrary, respect and tolerate the theistic beliefs of other religious traditions in the spirit of peace, and plurality, and we believe that no religion is the only source of truth, but rather that truths can be found in all religions. Furthermore, we also believe that early Jews, Muslims, and Christians made a conscious and deliberate decision to vilify, slander, and demonize other gods in an effort to abolish, or destroy Multi-theistic or Poly-theistic religious traditions, and to consolidate the beliefs of their adherents and followers under strict Mono-theism. Just like any two competing ideologies, Mono-theism and Multi-theism were in a state of tug-of-War over the hearts, minds, and souls of the people of earth: their only goal being to build global and universal consensus by way of Divine Edicts, Hadiths, and Proclamations. Why did strict Mono-theism win the battle of the ages over, above, and beyond Multi-thiesm or Poly-theism? Well, I believe there is intrinsic power in the precept of "sacred simplicity", and perhaps no idea is more simple, memorable, and easily comprehendible than saying: "There is only one God", or by saying: "There is no God but Allah", and perhaps the truth about God and Gods may be more complex and multifaceted than any of the ancient Jewish Prophets, Early Christians, and the Prophet Muhammed could have ever imagined or envisioned. Now in the 21st Century, this Religious and Theological War of words, which often times does translate into violence, and extremism; that has waged on for many thousands of years between there being only One God—or as it is said in Latin: E Pluribus Unim (meaning: from Many—into One), and between there being Many Gods: Ab uno, Multis (meaning from One—into Many) has subsided considerably thanks to Religious Liberty in the United States, and in Europe. The only one question that remains is: Will Multi-theism make a reemergence in the 21st Century due in part to the growth of religious liberty, pluralism, and multiplicity in terms of religious thinking, and perhaps also due in large part to the scientific revelation that we Humans are not alone in the Cosmos? Why do you ask, would the discovery of alien life change this dynamic between Mono-theism and Multi-theism on the planet earth? Because if sentient and intelligent extraterrestrial beings do in fact come from far-away star systems where they also have a "plurality of Gods", then when the people of earth find out about this, it could very well have a profound "psychological effect" on our religious systems and on our way of thinking about God, Gods, and Divinity. In other words: If alien civilizations in fact have many Gods or even just one God that is distinct or different from our own, then we too should probably give more careful thought, and due consideration to becoming multi-theistic, and pluralistic in religious thought. And who knows, perhaps after the revelation that ET life, contact, and intelligence is real and verifiable; all of the Cosmic and ancient Gods and Goddesses of Human history and beyond will make a powerful and miraculous display, revealing or manifesting themselves spiritually to the people of the earth and to our celestial neighbors. Then we would finally know which Gods are real, which Gods are not real, which Gods are Major or Greater, and which Gods are Minor or Lesser; and what is the correct religious and ideological view: Mono-theism or Multi-theism. Only until that point and time, will the conflict between "One" and "Many" be finally resolved. #OMNI #Omnibus #Omnigion #OMG

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