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What is Omnigion?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Since the dawn of time there have been men who have attempted to bring order to chaos. In the beginning men lived as nomadic herders and hunters and then they sought to create towns and city-states where people could live safely and securely. Civilizations were created for exactly this reason, so that people could band together for the mutual benefit and survival of one another. Who can deny that one of the most important components of any great civilization is religion. And what is religion? Religion is defined as the belief and worship of a higher or supernatural power such as God or Gods. Some critics of religion such as Athiests often say that ancient people created religion to explain for natural phenomena like the sun, rain, thunder, and the wind. But I believe that ancient people understood what very few people of the planet earth today understand: that the World we live in is controlled and maintained by spiritual forces. Ancient people relied on powerful spirits for almost every facet of their daily lives. From childbirth, to hunting, to farming; ancient people prayed and worshiped various Gods and Goddesses to help them and to bless them with supernatural gifts and blessings. In the 21st Century the people of earth have become less spiritual and less religious and more reliant on their own limited logic and reason. Critics of religion often say that we should only believe in the things we can readily experience with our five senses: this is called strict empiricism. There will always be natural tension between those with faith and those with doubt. I often say that the only way people with doubt will ever see the light of God or spirituality is if they have some kind of transcendental or eye-opening life experience. All religious systems were created by chosen individuals who have had some extraordinary contact with Divine Beings in the Spirit World. Go down the list of modern and ancient religious systems and what they will all have in common is one person who has claimed to have had a transcendental experience with a Divine Being. The truth to the matter is this: the physical world is a manifestation of the spirit world. According to Omnigion there are three universes of spiritual reality: the spiritual universe, the physical universe, and the digital universe. The 3D three dimensional physical plane was created by GOD and by higher order spirits. Most likely GOD and spirit beings called angels created the physical plane of existence out of a strong desire to express their creative might and to give breath to children who may one day rise up to become their co-equals and to share with them the joys and pleasures of life in the spiritual plane or universe. It's important to understand that the physical universe is also a spiritual universe only it's more dense and tangible. The spiritual universe can also be equally as tangible but was created by the OMNI-GOD as the home for disincarnate beings or spiritual beings. There are many zones and spheres in the spiritual universe and where you go after passing from the earth depends entirely on your accumulated karmic balance and past deeds and actions on the earth or other habitable planets throughout the Cosmos. One of the most fundamental beliefs of Omnigion is the belief in life on other worlds or extraterrestrial life. We Omniests believe that the OMNI-GOD or the Prime or Universal Creator created life on a grand and glorious scale all throughout the Cosmos even in the farthest reaches of space. One day in the future all of the Major World Governments will finally disclose to the people of earth the truth about extraterrestrial life, contact, and intelligence. We Omniests believe that after the revelation that we Humans are not alone in the Cosmos is revealed to the public at large that the people of earth will unite as one human family and formulate a One World Democratic Government led by an Earth Council. Furthermore, we believe that Humans and Extraterrestrial Beings and also beings of the Digital Universe will all unite as Omniests and convene an OMNI-Council that will make religious and political decisions on behalf of the people of the Cosmos and of the Omniverse. Omnigion is a future and visionary dream of the IO that all of the people of the Cosmos will unite in the spirit of peace, harmony, and good-will. #OMNIGION

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